Laser Hair Removal: A Basic Understanding

Laser Hair Removal: A Basic Understanding

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure available today. The process is to permanently remove hair from any part of your body that you wish by the use of a light at a designated wavelength, which is projected into the skin by way of a laser hand held instrument.  

What the laser accomplishes, after it's reached into the interior of the skin, is to focus on the hair's pigment. The laser destroys the follicle of the hair but does not damage the remaining hair tissue around it.

Two of the most important elements to consider in qualifying potential laser hair removal candidates are skin color and hair color.


  1. Skin Color- Light skin makes laser hair removal easier to perform. Due to the lighter pigmentation, the laser hair removal results happen more quickly. Fewer treatments are required, and better, faster results are obtained. People with darker skin can be treated, but results are slower.  They just have to be content with the knowledge that it will take longer to see results and a greater number of treatments are probably going to be needed. 


  1. Hair Color- Laser hair removal works best on dark hair. The reason for the difference is the pigment pheomelanin, which is found only in red or blonde hair.  It is very hard for a laser to penetrate pheomelanin. On the other hand, the laser goes easily through eumelanin, the pigment found in black and brown hair. 

Treatment costs at a salon can exceed $1,000 because multiple treatment sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. This is largely because laser hair removal is most effective on hair that is in the anagen phase (the growth phase). Because hair grows in cycles, not all hairs are in the anagen phase at the same time. As a result, more sessions are required to target hairs while they are in anagen.

Fortunately, we can easily save money and time these days by purchasing a Laser Hair Removal device and doing it in the comfort of our own home.

The advantage of using an at-home IPL hair removal device is that you can complete the treatment on your own time and in greater privacy than you would in a salon.

How much and how long an individual responds to complete hair removal by laser hair removal differ from case to case.  There is no guarantee of 100% permanent results by a certain period. 

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